ZKV on

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Our Validator

  • The ZKV Cosmos Validators can be viewed at Mintscan.
  • Currently our validator charges 10% commission on staked ATOMs.
  • Our validators are hosted by Bison Trails and was launched at Cosmos Block 2529211.
  • To stake your ATOMs to ZKValidator find us on LedgerLive

Our Network Activity

Currently the primary focuses for ZKV on Cosmos Network are:

  1. Expand the ZK and privacy communities around the networks through events and workshops
  2. Actively participate in governance processes with a focus on elevating the importance of privacy
  3. Identify early stage privacy related teams and support them with access to funding and our network
  4. Act as a bridge between the zk research community and engineers designing the network protocols, to help facilitate standards development
  5. Launch initiatives to create tools that empower delegators to take control of their privacy
  6. If you are a developer or researcher interested in Cosmos or Zero Knowledge technologies please contact us at hello@zkvalidator.com