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Yieldmos, the non-custodial yield optimizer for the Cosmos, has included Evmos in its strategy set, allowing token holders to earn up to 1884% APY by automatically restaking their rewards. If you have EVMOS staked, you don’t have to unbond; just follow the steps on the application. Currently, it’s only available on Keplr. Consider staking to ZKValidator in case you haven’t already done so. 

ICF Delegation policy changes ⚛️

The Interchain Foundation is moving to launch a new delegation policy to support contributors and foster decentralisation. The Foundation has pledged to delegate 70% of its ATOM treasury. 

The roadmap to the new policy kicked off on Sept 1st, after the ICF published the Policy Draft. This proposal sets a point system based on engineering contributions to the Hub and the ecosystem as well as community engagement in the form of events, content creation, etc. 

After opening up for community feedback, the ICF will release the final Policy on Sept 20th and open applications for validators on Oct 7th, the day they will start to unbond all their ATOMs. By Nov 30th, all selected validators should have received the delegations. 

Osmosis blocked.go proposal 🌪️

A couple of weeks after OFAC issued a sanction against  Tornado Cash, the Cosmos ecosystem also saw the ripple effects of the action. Specifically, on Osmosis, a proposal related to the action was rejected by the community with 64% of votes being for Abstain. 

The proposal asked for developers to remove the blocked.go file from the Osmosis repo, which blocks specific addresses from withdrawing funds from the DEX. The debate among community members was around the safety of the network, infrastructure providers, developers and other stakeholders, the ethical implications and preserving the ethos of a censorship-resistant blockchain. 

ZKValidator voted abstains due to the lack of clarity on the proposal and the unforeseen compliance implications passing this proposal may have on the Osmosis and greater Cosmos ecosystem.

New chain, new airdrop 💧

On Wednesday, Sept 7th, Quicksilver will launch mainnet, after being delayed twice because of fixes and testing. The new schedule for the launch has been made available by the team and will happen as follow: 

Sept 7th: Mainnet launch and the Airdrop claiming period starts

Sept 8th: Launch of liquidity pools Asset:qAsset launches on Osmosis and Crescent

TBA: Participation rewards become claimable, although rewards will accrue from Genesis. 

The Airdrop will be available for eligible ATOM, OSMO, STARS and JUNO holders. Although the eligibility criteria have not been made publicly available, here are the steps to claim 100% of your Airdrop:

Airdrops List

Here’s a list of upcoming airdrops. 

Wrap Up

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