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Namada will soon be running their Trusted Setup Ceremony. It is open to anyone from the community to participate and no heavy hardware is required. If you want to participate, bear in mind that the application form will be closed in less than 14 hours. You can sign up here

Testing, testing ⚒️

Neutron launched its first testnet on November 11th. This version is named Quark and is running without Interchain Security (ICS). It is intended for a first batch of validators and developers to find bugs. 

The testnet will run for approximately three full weeks, after which, they will publish a report with the findings. After Quark, a new testnet, Hadron, will launch in late November. This will be the last step before mainnet which is planned for Q1 2023. The Hadron testnet will have features for regular users to test. 

A new DEX in town ✋

Interchain Security is spreading throughout the ecosystem and the latest project to announce that it will be applying to rent security from the Hub is Duality, a new Decentralised Exchange. Duality aims to bring a novel concept for AMM and Order Books to Cosmos as well as a different type of tokenomics for DEXes. 

The launch of the project is set for Q1 2023, coinciding with the planned release of ICS on the Hub. One of Duality’s promises is to offer sustainability to its token holders and LPs by rewarding the latter with MEV and arbitrage profits instead of through highly inflationary practices. 

One-click IBC 🖱️

The Interchain Foundation published its summary of the IBC “memo-field”. This will soon allow users to transfer assets and specify what actions they want to take once the asset reaches the target chain. 

This feature is part of the ICS-20 upgrade that will be live in the ibc-go v6.0.0 release. Alongside this new one-click solution for sending tokens, the upgrade will also include other improvements such as Making the SendTransfer method private.

Airdrops List

Here’s a list of upcoming airdrops. 

Wrap Up

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