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Our Validator

  • The ZKV Kusama Validators can be viewed at Polkascan.
  • Currently our validator charges 10% commission on staked KSMs.
  • Our validators are hosted by Bison Trails and was launched at Kusama Block 84495.
  • To stake your KSMs to ZKValidator find us on Polkadot UI

    ZKValidator1: Eo4boG437k7gFy75VqPrWP5gHSGi9Sm6CZzLFFsCGYaSPzM
    ZKValidator2: Dw3sUaDSjarneVwRRHTUmig899YwsT9vLwvQeMvnbkCpTvg
    ZKValidator3: DrYEYDg77c4f9dauhY5AS1EKucNnX8jrHuPntLAp5h5MR5T
    ZKValidator4: EJAysZ4odrfDit3N1hUGYxZJjs1zq65UuSVRdu9ArX8nZtr
    ZKValidator5: EJYeKCZAbbjHZxBZFU9Hq978gYDoMt8HwVEiFGWwY8Xzb

    For more detailed instructions, see below.

Kusama Delegation Instructions

This guide contains instructions for delegating to the Zero Knowledge validator via the Polkadot UI. If you haven’t yet claimed your KSM, read this guide.

  1. In the Polkadot UI click on Staking in the left-hand navigation
  2. Click the Account Actions tab in the top of the screen
  3. Select New stake at the top right of the screen
  4. In the modal, select your stash account and controller account (this will be the same account until transfers are enabled)
  5. In the value bonded field, input the amount of KSM you’d like to bond

    If you’d like to bond all of your KSM, leave at least 1 KSM in your stash account for transaction fees

  6. Select your preferred payment destination:

    Select Stash account (increase the amount at stake) to compound your rewards on your Stash account (most common), or

    Select Stash account (do not increase the amount at stake) to leave your rewards un-bonded and spendable in your Stash account

  7. Click Bond
  8. Confirm the correct amount of KSM is being bonded, enter your password, and click Sign and Submit
  9. Back in the Account Actions screen, click on Nominate
  10. Enter the addresses of both of the Zero Knowledge’s validators:






  11. Click Nominate
  12. Confirm you are nominating the correct validators: ZKValidator1 -> ZKValidator5
  13. Enter your password and click Sign and Submit

Congratulations! You are now nominating the Zero Knowledge Validator!