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Our Block Producer

  • ZKValidator has been maintaining top performing block producers on Mina since the early days of the adversarial testnets.
  • The ZKV Mina Block Producer can be viewed at minaexplorer.com
  • Currently our block producer charges 10% commission.
  • You can view our weekly Mina payouts here

Our Network Activity

mina-vrf-rs allows delegators to evaluate the performance of block producers by determining whether the block producer produced all the blocks they could win. Block producers can also use this tool to predict the time they will be eligible to produce blocks in the future. You can find out more about this tool in our blog post.

Delegating to our Block Producer

You can un-delegate at any time. There is no penalty to do so - either submit a delegation transaction with the new staking service or back to yourself. There is a delay of 1-2 epochs before any updates are made, and if staking from Genesis the first two epochs will use the Genesis ledger.

  1. Head to the Clorio Wallet
  2. Connect your Ledger, use a private key or create a new wallet
  3. Make sure your wallet contains MINA
  4. Head to the Staking Hub
  5. Scroll down the list or crtl+f to find “ZKValidator”
  6. Click delegate!

Congratulations! You are now delegating the Zero Knowledge Validator!