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MINA staking rewards
with purpose.

How to stake your MINA?

Step 1

Install the AuroWallett Chrome extension.

Step 2

On the extension, click on the staking tab that's shown below.

Step 3

Search for ZKValidator in the search bar.

Step 4

Select ZKValidator, choose the speed of your transaction and click on next.

Step 5

Click on confirm the transaction.

Why delegate to ZKV?

You are contributing to the community in many ways by delegating your ATOM to us.

FAQs about Mina Protocol.

Mina is a Layer 1 blockchain built around zero-knowledge proofs to guarantee scalability and privacy. It's supposed to be the world's lightest blockchain.

The zkApps are decentralised applications running on Mina that use zk-SNARKS to conduct trustless blockchain transactions. 

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