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Our Collator

  • The ZKV Moonbeam Collator can be viewed at Subcan.
  • To nominate your MOVRs to ZKValidator find us on Moonriver staking

    ZKValidator: 0x457c23d4Daa0082c5c932557CFCB38Afd6613885

Moonriver Delegation Instructions

This guide contains instructions for nominating to the Zero Knowledge validator via Moonriver Staking.

  1. In the Moonriver Staking Dashboard click on the drop down arrow to the right of Collator
  2. Select the collator address for ZKValidator, which is 0x457c23d4Daa0082c5c932557CFCB38Afd6613885
  3. Enter the amount of MOVR you wish to nominate

Congratulations! You are now nominating the Zero Knowledge Validator!