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What's Namada Protocol?

FAQs about Namada.

Namada is a Layer 1 proof-of-stake blockchain that will offer asset-agnostic private transactions built using the Tendermint BFT consensus. 

No, Namada is not a privacy coin. Namada is a protocol that allows two parties, the sender and the receiver, to perform a private transaction through an anonymity set. 

Although it's an asset-agnostic protocol, we can say Namada is an IBC-enabled chain, meaning it can communicate natively with other Cosmos chains. Also, it has a natively integrated custom Ethereum bridge, allowing users to shield their ERC-20s assets. 

Namada is currently running its testnet and is expected to launch mainnet on Q1 2023. 

Yes, Namada's native token will be NAM. 

Namada is a fractal instance of Anoma but it's an independent protocol with its own governance. 

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