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Our Validator

  • The ZKV Near Validators can be viewed at Near Block Explorer.
  • Currently our validator charges 10% commission on staked tokens. These funds are used to support our work on the network to promote zkp research and the privacy of both the users and the applications built on top of Near.
  • Our validators are hosted by Bison Trails.
  • To stake your Near to ZKValidator find us on in your Near Browser Wallet:

    On the top bar, select "Staking"
    Search and select @zkv_staketosupportprivacy.poolv1.near
    Add the amount you want to stake with us

  • You can also stake to us through the Dokia staking interface:

    Under “Networks” -> “NEAR” -> click on “Delegate Now”
    Select the amount you want to delegate
    Click on “Next Page” until you see our validator

  • You should find: @zkv_staketosupportprivacy.poolv1.near