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Our Validator

  • The ZKV Osmosis Validators can be viewed at Mintscan.
  • Currently our validator charges 7% commission on staked OSMO.
  • Our validators are hosted by Chorus One
  • Find out more about Osmosis and out partnership with Chorus One here

Osmosis Delegation Instructions

This guide contains instructions for delegating to the Zero Knowledge validator via the keplr app.

  1. Download the Keplr wallet which you can find in the chrome web browser store
  2. Head to keplr osmosis staking
  3. Make sure your account holds OSMO tokens
  4. Find "Zero Knowledge Validator" in the list of validators
  5. Towards the right end of the page click on "manage" -> "delegate"
  6. Enter the amount you want to delegate and press "delegate"

Congratulations! You are now delegating the Zero Knowledge Validator!