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Our Validator

  • The ZKV Polkadot Validators can be viewed at Polkascan.
  • Currently our validator charges 8% commission on staked DOTs.
  • Our validators are hosted by Bison Trails.
  • To stake your DOTs to ZKValidator find one of our nodes on Polkadot UI and add these to your validator list:

    ZKV5: 13pJbURb2dfWYGqV5WM85jCLmRvoP4CGf8mbM63utUPSFHGd
    ZKV4: 14SWwZufmJYxdsAjBanh13dSSB6dLLdmGc7AoESyahp6s8X1
    ZKV3: 138X7AdRKX7myWMwoFgWfHj1WUZKKZrKTr2CZ8pGUUXTrkDu
    ZKV2: 15KJFabioS7ieTiNCkKkLpgZ5JUyPhTBF6y128R7Z6Rsx3kq
    ZKV1: 14pU6dcr5jgMpFZDGB1fwcU6LztP5pszTk5mYz8nUXBu59mU

  • For more detailed instructions, see below

Our Network Activity

Currently the primary focuses for ZKV on Polkadot Network are:

  1. Expand the ZK and privacy communities around the networks through events and workshops
  2. Actively participate in governance processes with a focus on elevating the importance of privacy
  3. Identify early stage privacy related teams and support them with access to funding and our network
  4. Act as a bridge between the zk research community and engineers designing the network protocols, to help facilitate standards developmenty
  5. Launch initiatives to create tools that empower delegators to take control of their privacy
  6. If you are a developer or researcher interested in Polkadot or Zero Knowledge technologies please contact us at hello@zkvalidator.com

Polkadot Delegation Instructions

Before you begin, please be sure you have claimed your DOT. If you need help claiming your token, follow this guide. You will also need to import your stash and controller (if you are using one) to the Polkadot.js extension

  1. Go to Polkadot UI
  2. Click Staking on the left-hand navigation
  3. Click the Account Actions tab in the top of the screen
  4. Select + Nominator at the top right of the screen
  5. In the modal, select your stash account and, if applicable, controller account
  6. Your controller will need to have nominal funds (0.1-0.5 DOT) to not be reaped and to pay for transaction fees
  7. In the value bonded field, input the amount of DOT you’d like to bond
  8. If you’d like to bond all of your DOT, leave 0.1-0.5 DOT in your stash account for transaction fees
  9. Select your preferred payment destination:

    Select Stash account (increase the amount at stake) to compound your rewards on your Stash account (most common), or

    Select Stash account (do not increase the amount at stake) to leave your rewards un-bonded and spendable in your Stash account

  10. Click Next
  11. Disable auto-select to enable searching for nominators
  12. Copy and paste the addresses for Zero Knowledge’s validators as listed below:

    ZKV1: 14pU6dcr5jgMpFZDGB1fwcU6LztP5pszTk5mYz8nUXBu59mU

    ZKV2: 15KJFabioS7ieTiNCkKkLpgZ5JUyPhTBF6y128R7Z6Rsx3kq

    ZKV3: 138X7AdRKX7myWMwoFgWfHj1WUZKKZrKTr2CZ8pGUUXTrkDu

    ZKV4: 14SWwZufmJYxdsAjBanh13dSSB6dLLdmGc7AoESyahp6s8X1

    ZKV5: 13pJbURb2dfWYGqV5WM85jCLmRvoP4CGf8mbM63utUPSFHGd

  13. Click Bond & Nominate
  14. Click Sign and Submit
  15. Enter your stash password in the pop up
  16. Click Sign the transaction
  17. Wait for the Transaction Success banner to pop up. This process can take a while if the network is behind.

Congratulations! You are now nominating the Zero Knowledge validator!