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Manta is on track to launch one of the largest Trusted Setups in zero-knowledge history. According to a tweet from the team, they have received over 1500 applications. If you don’t know what a Trusted Setup is, here’s an explanation.

Blockspace is the way

Polkadot founder Rob Habermeier published a blog post on his views about future trends in the space and how Polkadot is positioned to benefit from them. In it, he explained that “we are shifting our perspective from blockchains to blockspace”, and Polkadot is architecturally well-suited to become the strongest generalised blockspace producer. 

In the text, Habermeier calls for a rethinking of blockchains in general. He describes the future as a multichain world with “blockchains that scale and shrink on demand”. In other words, we will live in a world about blockspace availability rather than counting the number of blockchains out there. 

In regards to Polkadot’s position to benefit from this new paradigm, he focused on the Execution Core. It allows validators to ​​”transform the real resources they consume into more blockspace, rather than simply by running more standalone blockchains with the same staked value.” The post defines the quality of blockspace as the level of security offered, another category where, in Habermeier’s opinion, Polkadot leads the way.

Hyperlane to interoperability

A new arrival to Moonbeam is increasing the network’s interoperability capabilities. Hyperlane, a platform designed to build cross-chain applications, recently announced its deployment into Moonbeam. 

Hyperlane, which acts as a messaging protocol, also brings the concept of Interchain Security Modules (ISMs) to the table. This feature gives complete freedom to developers to “mix and match their approaches to economic security, optimistic security, proof of authority, and any other security model they’d like to enable.” 

With Hyperlane, Moonbeam has five message-passing protocols, including LayerZero, Axelar, Wormhole and Polkadot’s XCM. On the other hand, Hyperlane has connections to Celo, BSC, Avalanche, Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum and Optimism. 

This week’s crowdloans

Weekly Spot: A recently spotted Polkadot /Kusama native NFT

Hecate is a witch planet. On its surface, the most real miracles happen. It is the abode of all witches, sorcerers and occultists in the universe. Its core consists of a clot of liquid magic, so everyone who finds himself on this planet will also receive magical powers.

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