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If you are interested in diving deep into Zero Knowledge, check out this fall’s edition of ZK Hack. The event will run for four weeks starting tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov 22nd, at 6:30 P.M. UTC and will feature eight workshops from different teams working on Zero Knowledge proofs products. Sign up for the kick-off session here

Ready for the post-quantum world

Chainsafe and xx Network developed a “Substrate Pallet and Off Chain-Worker Implementation to introduce the W-OTS+ signature scheme and Placards into a Substrate runtime environment.” 

This approach allows the use of s hash-based signature scheme. In contrast with current signature schemes generally used in blockchains (e.g., ECDSA, Schnorr, BLS, etc.), hash-based signatures are quantum-resistant. The implementation has been written in Rust to foster interoperability with Substrate-based chains.  


If you missed Moonbean’s Illuminate event or want to watch again some of the talks that happened during the two-day event, you can relive the whole experience. 

The Moonbeam team has released the whole event on their Youtube channel. Remember, there are two tracks of the event the Voyager and the Moonbuilder. The first is aimed at a less technical audience, while the latter is designed for builders. Below you will find the playlist for both tracks. 



This week’s crowdloans

Weekly Spot: A recently spotted Polkadot /Kusama native NFT

Akroart Gallery Originals: The sights of serenity.

Wrap Up

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