Quicksilver staking rewards
with purpose.

The airdrop is scheduled for Q1 2023 and rewards will be enabled on January 2023.
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What's Quicksilver Protocol?

FAQs about Quicksilver.

Quicksilver is a decentralised liquid staking protocol for the Cosmos ecosystem. 

Liquid staking is a feature that allows token holders of IBC chains to earn staking rewards and secure their networks while maintaining their assets liquid. 

Quicksilver allows token holders to keep their governance rights and choose the validator they want to support, all through the same interface. 

Yes, Quicksilver will have its own native token $QCK which will generate rewards by staking it. 

Quicksilver will airdrop 50% of its supply to token holders of the networks onboarded in the protocol. The first airdrop will happen at genesis. 

Currently, Quicksilver is running its last testnet before launching mainnet. No ETA has been announced. 

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New network onboarded: Quicksilver.
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