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After launch, the DAO DAO community approved its Constitution, setting up the principles governing the newly created entity. The Constitution is considered a living document that will evolve as the project and the world moves forward. Here’s the DAO DAO constitution. 

A step closer to Interchain Security ⚛️

Cosmos’ core contributors, Informal Systems, announced the v0.1 pre-release of the Interchain Security feature. The pre-release version will be extensively audited and tested during the rest of this quarter and the beginning of Q3. 

With the announcement, Informal Systems also revealed the updated roadmap for the launch of ICS. According to the document, Cosmonauts can expect one of the cornerstones for the future of ATOM to launch in January 2023. 

A public incentivised testnet is expected to launch in November, where validators will be hunting bugs while being rewarded. 

More ERC20s coming ✋

After adding an ERC20 equivalent of OSMO on Evmos, the community wants to see more ERC20 equivalents of IBC tokens. A community member posted on Commonwealth a thread to repeat the same process carried out a couple of weeks ago with OSMO with REGEN, JUNO, STARS, axlUSDC, axlDAI, axlWETH, axlWBTC, axlDOT and axlMKR. 

The proposal seems to have support from other members. It will now start to be implemented on the testnet. Once it’s ready, a proposal for each of the nine assets shall pass via governance to reach mainnet. Enabling these ERC20 versions of IBC tokens allowed dApps launched on Evmos to use them on their services and, eventually, for other EVM base protocols outside Cosmos to include them. 

An interesting precedent ⛓️

A proposal in Sifchain passed, aiming for a more decentralised chain by preventing token holders from delegating to validators with more than 6.6% voting power. The measure was prompted by the excessive concentration of voting power in the top four validators, which accounts for 35% of the votes, meaning that only those four parties could potentially reach a consensus to harm the chain. 

SifDAO will be able to influence the distribution of voting power within the chain through the max voting power and min commission parameters, which have to be changed via a democratic vote. 

Airdrops List 💦

Here’s a list of upcoming airdrops. 

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