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Spark IBC and Cosmos Spaces have launched a new initiative to unite the Cosmos community. They will host a monthly Town Hall, which will summarise the main highlights of the month in Cosmos and workshop a particular topic. You can hear this month’s Town Hall about Liquid Staking here

A community member brought up in a tweet some interesting stats found on Cosmoscan. The number of wallets with over $1M in ATOM grew 7.44% WoW, meaning ten more “whales” are now part of the Cosmos community, weeks before a decision on ATOM 2.0 will be reached. 

Update on ATOM 2.0 

In the past week, the community gave feedback on the ATOM 2.0 whitepaper draft. There’s a final draft posted by Sam Hart, strategy lead for the Cosmos Hub. 

This version has no “precise commitment to tail issuance at this time”. The community will need to decide on this matter through a discussion within the Charter. There will be a one-time mint of 4M ATOM for the Community Pool, and the number of tranches minted to the Treasury was reduced from 12 to 10.

The new version is up for a vote.

Funding public goods with staking yield 

A Commonwealth discussion on Evmos showcases a new project that aims to fund public goods through staking rewards. It’s called The Orb program. As we learned from their website, token holders could delegate to any validator through them to “donate” 15% of their earnings towards public goods and receive a DAO governance in exchange for tokens. 

The tokens donated through The Orb program are supposed to go to the DAO Treasury, which will be controlled by token holders and fund public goods projects that the community supports via a governance vote. 

As per the Commonwealth discussion, it will take 12 weeks for The Orb to start operating and funding public goods for the Evmos community.  

Have an easy bridging 

Strangelove Ventures just released Easy Bridge, a bridging solution designed in collaboration with Axelar, with regular retail crypto users in mind. The Easy Bridge can move assets from MetaMask to IBC chains. 

After gathering feedback from users, Easy Bridge added features like step-by-step directions and a tracking mechanism that shows the user the transaction status at all times. These two features solve the most common pain points faced by users. 

Although the product is ready, it has yet to be implemented in any chain. According to the blog post, chains with swaps will be the primary chains targeted to add the Easy Bridge.

Airdrops List

Here’s a list of upcoming airdrops. 

Wrap Up

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