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After posting several remarks on the importance of blockspace for the future of the blockchain space, Polkadot founder Rob Harbermeier hosted a Twitter Spaces to dive deeper with the community on this topic. You can listen to the recording here


The leading NFT marketplace on Dotsama is about to go through an important change in which it will become compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine chains. This step on the RMRK roadmap will allow the project to take its NFT standard beyond Kusama and, especially, to the communities where there’s a broader adoption of these primitives. 

They will also be launching Singular, RMRK NFT marketplace, on the EVM as the first implementation of the RMRK-ERC standard. The standard will also go through the lengthy process of passing an EIP (Ethereum Improvement Proposal) to make it an ERC (Ethereum Request for Comment) standard. 

Besides the technical benefits that this EVM compatibility will bring to RMRK, it will also undoubtedly increase exposure and grow the ability to attract new artists and collections to the ecosystem due to the ample base of users and developers on the EVM space. 

Ignite the Moonbeam

After receiving the first grants through the recently launched Moonbeam Foundation Grants Program, StellaSwap and Moonwell launched Moonbeam Ignite, an initiative to boost the growth of the Moonbeam DeFi ecosystem. 

The campaign, which will last six months, will distribute 12M GLMR tokens among participants who used either of these two dApps. Besides native tokens, there will also be special incentives for Wormhole bridged assets, including USDC.wh, ETH.wh, wBTC.wh, BUSD.wh. 

According to StellaSwap, this effort will help attract strategic liquidity to the network, which will, at the same time, improve user experience. Alongside the unveiling of the campaign, it was also publicised that Squid, a liquidity routing module enabling cross-chain swaps and payments on Axelar, will launch in early November.

This week’s crowdloans

Weekly Spot: A recently spotted Polkadot /Kusama native NFT

Kusama Acid “Dragon” Pill: The Legend has it that the fiery egg in his hand, has supernatural, almost mystical powers! There are only two in the acid hemisphere, and he’s the baddest!

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